Federal judge blocks Georgia's trans hormone therapy ban

Georgia legislators banned hormone therapy for transgender people under the age of 18, but a federal judge today blocked the law from taking effect after several young patients challenged it.

"The imminent risks of irreparable harm to Plaintiffs flowing from the ban — including risks of depression, anxiety, disordered eating, self-harm, and suicidal ideation — outweigh any harm the State will experience from the injunction," the judge wrote.

Geraghty said her ruling will block enforcement of the ban on hormone replacement therapy until a further court order or a trial.

A surgery ban wasn't challenged in the lawsuit and was not halted by the judge. 22 states have enacted laws banning various forms of trans healthcare for minors, though a number of them have already been halted or struck down by the courts. Puberty blockers, according to the Associated Press, account for most of the therapy and are "standard treatments backed by major doctors' organizations including the American Medical Association."