"Give Us A Klu" trivia team wore KKK outfits to fundraiser

A moronic trivia team, named "Give Us A Klu," wore white robes and hoods to a community fundraiser quiz night in Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. The morons have since "apologized" as has the organizing committee of this century-old quiz event who didn't eject these fools from the event because, the committee said, they "did not have a procedure in place to ask the team to leave." How about a boot in the ass? From Stuff.co.nz:

The men have now apologised to the [organizing] committee, who are also urging them to come forward with a public apology, said the quiz organisers' spokesperson.

"The young guys concerned have apologised … We have strongly suggested they front with an explanation and apology for their actions."[…]

The apology also referred to the consumption of alcohol and "impaired judgement".

"It was completely wrong of us to act in a way that perpetuates racism and reinforces harmful stereotypes," said the team apology.

The committee originally defended its decision to not bar the men from attending the event, saying no one protested at the time.

"We as a committee were immediately concerned when the group entered late. We had discussed removing them."

However, in a later written statement on August 21, the organisers said they regretted its decision.