"Who Said That?" is a fun quote quiz book

Who Said That? is a chunky 340-page book that tests your trivia knowledge on the origin of famous quotes. The quotes are arranged by topic (Love and Marriage, Work and Money, Politics and War, Aging, etc.) and are presented in different ways to keep things lively. Sometimes you'll be asked to choose which person said […]

New webseries by daily trivia newsletter 'Now I Know'

Dan Lewis' wildly-popular daily trivia Now I Know newsletter is expanding its presence to YouTube. Yup, he's bringing us a Now I Know webseries. Dan himself is not an "on-air" kind of guy, so he brought on Matt Silverman to star in the videos. I've written more than 1,000 surprising, strange, and interesting stories over […]

A trivia expert offers tips for playing HQ

HQ is a live online trivia game for iPhone only. It takes place at noon and 6pm PT. My family plays every night, along with hundreds of thousands of other people. In each game, 12 questions are asked. You have 10 seconds to answer each question (by clicking on 1 of 3 possible answers). If […]

Hooray! I'm not the stupidest person at the 2015 Trivia Championships of North America

It's day one of the 2015 Trivia Championships of North America (TCONA) and already there's been an "incident." We're oblivious to the unfolding disaster as we mill around the Havana Room of the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas. Approximately half of the 200 or so registrants have just finished playing the First Quiz of TCONA, […]

America's greatest trivia minds get their party on in Vegas next month

Tony says: If you haven't heard of the Trivia Championships of North America, well, that's understandable. It's only the second year for TCONA, but this year's event, taking place from August 10-12 at Circus Circus in Las Vegas, will already be bigger, with more players, more pub quiz hosts from around the country, more medal […]