Election fraud suspect files emergency motion to avoid "rushed" trip to Atlanta jail

Jeffrey Clark was the head of the U.S. Justice Department's civil division under the Trump administration. Last week, a grand jury in Georgia indicted him for conspiring to overturn Joe Biden's election victory in the state of Georgia and illegally install the loser, Donald Trump, in his place.

District attorney of Fulton County, Georgia, Fani Willis generously gave Clark and the 18 other alleged criminal conspirators two weeks to report to the Fulton County Jail, get fingerprinted, have their mugshots taken, and be arrested. However, Clark, being a wealthy, well-connected white gentleman, struggles to understand why the Georgia court system doesn't operate on his schedule. Clark's lawyers filed an emergency motion in federal court, asking it to grant a stay against Fulton County to prevent any action being taken against Mr. Clark until a federal court supports his claim that he is immune from state prosecution for actions taken in the course and scope of his federal duties.

The emergency motion includes this astonishing statement: "If the Court grants a stay or temporary restraining order that quickly, Mr. Clark would not be forced to choose between making rushed travel arrangements to fly to Atlanta or risking being labeled a fugitive."

Clark also demanded an answer from the court in less than 24 hours. I guess he thinks everyone needs to rush around so he doesn't have to.