Man arrested for placing boulders in the middle of road on dark rainy nights to sabotage cars (video)

Kingston, Mass Police have finally arrested a man who allegedly placed boulders in the middle of a road on dark rainy nights, seemingly to sabotage cars. Cameron Currier, 31, was charged with 11 counts of malicious damage and nine counts of attempted malicious damage.

"I don't have time to move, and I just hit that thing, and I just went boom! said Dustin Starr who reported hitting a 50-pound rock. "Right up and launched us in the air, smacked right back down. It's amazing nobody was killed, because this guy was doing it to get that kind of reaction."

WCVB reports that "on Monday night, detectives opted for a less-conventional approach to get to the bottom of the occurrences. A detective dressed in full camouflage, positioned himself in the woods in the rain and watched the area. Shortly before midnight, the detective saw a pickup stop with an open tailgate and drop a rock in the middle of the road, police said."