Sony officially unveils baffling "PlayStation Portal" handheld

After months of rumors and uninformative teasers, the odd handheld gaming device (which can't in good conscience be called a console) formerly known as "Project Q" has been officially announced as the "PlayStation Portal" to a decidedly mixed reception.

Rather than a full-fledged handheld PlayStation console, like the PSP and PS Vita before it, the Portal is a glorified Wii U gamepad- and for those of you who weren't around for that innovative piece of tech, it's just a screen with a controller attached that streams games from your PS5.

According to a dedicated blog post, the Portal requires your main console to be on and can't be taken outside the range of your WiFi, thus vastly limiting its potential use as compared to something like the Nintendo Switch. It also comes with a $200 USD price tag, making it probably the most expensive piece of on-the-toilet entertainment you'll ever buy. Ultimately, it seems like an ill-conceived device for an almost nonexistent audience, and will probably go the way of the PlayStation Move (Remember that? No? Exactly.) before too long.