Legendary wolf man photographed in German forest

For nearly a decade, hikers in Germany's Harz National Park have reported sightings of a mysterious "wolf man" who made the forest his home. Now, we have photographic evidence of the curious creature!

Two park visitors captured images of the wolf man hanging out on Tuesday.

"We saw the 'wolf man' when we reached the sandstone caves," Gina Weiss told German news outlet Bild. "He was standing on top of one of the caves, holding a long wooden stick like a spear in his arm…. He didn't take his eyes off us and didn't say a word… He looked dirty and behaved like a stone age man from a history book."

From MSN:

According to Bild, there have been intermittent sightings of the man since 2015, with local authorities claiming to have found evidence that someone was starting fires and building rudimentary dwellings in the forest.

However, one volunteer with the local fire service told The Telegraph that they had not noticed anything unusual in the forest, describing the story as "nonsense" and speculating that the photos were "a prank".

(via Coast to Coast)

featured illustrative image:leolintang/Shutterstock