Dumbphone Finder helps you find the dumbphone for you

I posted about Jose Briones's pick for the best dumphones of 2023 over the weekend, and only then found my way to his website, the Dumbphone Finder, designed to help you figure out which of the myriad of models now on offer has the specific features you want.

Some, for example, have a camera. Some even have a camera that's better at taking a photo than a potato smeared with silver nitrate. Some have no apps at all. Some have Facebook and you can't even delete it. Some are $200 and won't work in the U.S. after T-Mobile shuts down its last 2G tower next year. Some are $20 and you can use it anywhere in the world.

It all depends on why you don't want a ludic brain-loop supercomputer screen in your pocket… but can't live without it.