Bizarre humanoid creature photographed walking along a riverbank

This photo below was reportedly taken on the bank of the Pilcomayo River in Tarija, Bolivia. Red Uno news network quoted a UFOlogist as saying (translated), "In the snapshot, you can see a half-transparent being with elongated limbs, typical characteristics of what is known as a gray being," adding that "this image must undergo a process of analysis through a filter that determines its authenticity and whether it has been subjected to digital manipulation. Only then can we discern whether we are dealing with genuine evidence or an edited product."

I agree that we shouldn't be so quick to declare that we're looking at an extraterrestrial. It's just as likely to be an unknown humanoid water creature that's emerged from the river to feed or simply enjoy some quiet time alone.

image: Prakasit Nuansri/Shutterstock

(via Coast to Coast)