UNC's student paper publishes stunning front page showing texts during shooting

After the deadly shooting of an associate professor at the University of North Carolina on Monday, the UNC's student newspaper published a stunning front page of texts sent during the school's three-hour lockdown. (See image below, posted by the paper's managing editor, Caitlyn Yeade.)

"Guys I'm so fucking scared," says one message out of the dozens highlighted by the The Daily Tar Heel this morning. "I wish these never happened" … "What the fuck is happening?" … "I heard someone got shot." … "I'm gonna fucking throw up." … "Please pray for us" … "I love you."

The featured messages, which go on and on and on, are just a drop in the bloody bucket of similar heart-wrenching texts going out in the United States every single day — and presumably, every minute of every day, when you consider that Monday's homicide was the 25,000th some-odd gun death so far this year alone. After all, there are only so many seconds in a 24-hour cycle.