Security cameras with end-to-end encryption not cheap

Philips has new wired indoor/outdoor security cameras outfitted with end-to-end encryption, all part of its new Hue Secure system, with the basic model costing $200, a battery-equipped model $250, and one with a floodlight costing an ooftastic $350. The Verge posted an in-person preview and found them attractive and easily-mounted, but disliked the pricing given the otherwise unremarkable specifications, inability to work with other systems, and ongoing subscription fees.

At launch, there is no compatibility with Amazon Alexa or Google Home, although George Yianni, head of technology at Philips Hue, said that they are working on an integration to view live footage on those companies' smart displays. 

The cameras will not work with Apple Home until cameras are supported in Matter, he said. There are no plans to support HomeKit Secure Video. Instead, you'll need to pay a subscription fee starting at $3.99 per month / $39.99 a year, per camera to view recorded footage.

They do look great, and that's a big plus for normal folks who want more than a junky doorbell camera but don't want their home to end up covered in big, ugly plastic domes. If you're already in on the Hue system you're used to spending money, too.