This battery manager can help you get a lot more life out of an Apple Silicon MacBook

I was remarking to a friend about how my Apple M2 Air stays at 80% battery charge because I keep it plugged in. Apple knows that maintaining a charge of around 80% will get me 2-3x the battery charge cycles of charging to full, and if I expect to need a full charge I can just go click for one.

My friend likes to take their laptop off their desk and move around; their laptop doesn't know she don't need the full capacity all the time and is trying to keep them topped off. She found this app for M* Apple MacBook battery management. It does exactly what she needs:


The first time you open the app, it will ask for your administator password so it can install the needed components. Please note that the app:

Discharges your battery until it reaches 80%, even when plugged in
Disables charging when your battery is above 80% charged
Enabled charging when your battery is under 80% charged
Keeps the limit engaged even after rebooting
Keeps the limit engaged even after closing the tray app
Also automatically installs the battery command line tool. If you want a custom charging percentage, the CLI is the only way to do that.

I would love this for my iPhone.