Butcher blows air into lungs of bison in facsinating biology demonstration

Watch a butcher blow air into the lungs of a bison in this fascinating biology demonstration. If you needed a reminder to take a deep breath today, here it is.

 I had no idea it was possible to inflate lungs via the mouth like this. I'm both horrified and utterly fascinated by the way it looks when the lungs grow smoother and plumper as they fill with air. The butcher giving the demo is one brave soul!

From Instagram:

"As a butcher, I blow up lungs because it gives us a unique peek inside the wonder of biology. So much of the animal kingdom shares components of their physiology – bison lungs operate the same as human lungs, a meniscus inside the knee of a sheep not so terribly different from our own. While it might be the specter of a breath, it feels wondrous to behold what our breath, in and out some 20,000 times per day, might look like. Our lungs connect our inner world to the outer world and vice versa. They are one of the thin veils between self and other – of relationship with our environment."