Sneak peek of The Devil's Cut, the first book from the much-hyped new comic book publisher DLSTRY

DSTLRY is a brand new creator-centered comic book publishing endeavor from David Steinberger and Chip Mosher, the founder and former head of content (respectively) of ComiXology. The company made waves upon its initial launch in April 2023, announcing an impressive roster of "Founding Creators" and bold aspirations for digital and print publishing that allow those creators to retain their full intellectual property rights, as well as a stake in the company. As IGN explained:

DSTLRY is aiming for a novel approach to digital comics publishing. New issues will only be sold for a limited time, at which point owners can sell and trade their books on a digital marketplace. DSTLRY calls it "Stub Hub for comics," and creators will receive a portion of the resale price. DSTLRY's books will also be sold in print form, and other physical and digital collectibles will be released both online and in comic shops.

Similar to publishers like Image Comics, creators retain full rights to their work at DSTLRY. However, the new publisher is going a step further by offering creators an equity stake in the company. Additionally, the company is setting aside 3% of its equity over the first three years to be distributed among Founding Creators.

The company also promises on its website that, even with the digital marketplace, there will be "No NFT hustle or crypto hassle."

DSTLRY's first book is out this week, titled The Devil's Cut, which features 11 short stories from those Founding Creators — a taste of the larger projects they'll be working on for the publisher. Here's a sneak preview. First up: Spectograph by James Tynion IV (Department of Truth and The Nice House on the Lake) and Christian Ward (Invisible Kingdom) and acclaimed letterer Aditya Bidikar:

The Stowaway by the eponymous Jock (Wytches, Batman: One Dark Knight, and so much more)

What Happens Next by Jamie McKelvie (Captain Carter, Young Avengers, The Wicked + The Divine, every gorgeous Marvel costume redesign of the last decade) and Aditya Bidikar:

White Boat by Scott Snyder and Francesco Francavilla (Batman: The Black Mirror and many others) with Andworld Design and Tyler Jennes:

8 Rules To Make It Out in One Piece by Elsa Charretier (November, Love Everlasting), PK Colinet, Nick Filardi, and Clayton Cowles:

What's Mine is Hearse by Stephanie Phillips (Harley Quinn, Rogue & Gambit, and the latest Cosmic Ghost Rider run), Joëlle Jones (Catwoman artist extraordinaire and so much more), and Lucas Gattoni:

What Blighted Flame Burns in Thee? by Becky Cloonan (Batgirls, Gotham Academy), Tula Lotay (Barnstormers, Supreme: Blue Rose), and Richard Starkings (Elephantmen)

Also included in The Devil's Cut anthology:

"Shepherd" by Marc Bernardin, Ariela Kristantina, Lee Loughridge, and Bernardo Brice; "A Blessed Day" by Mirka Andolfo, Fabio Amelia, Arancia Studio, and Steve Orlando; "Deleted Scene, #2" by Brian Azzarello, Eduardo Risso, and Jared K. Fletcher; and "Waiting to Die" by Ram V, Lee Garbett, Lee Loughridge, and Aditya Bidikar.

The Devil's Cut is available August 30 via DSTLRY.