Thailand's annual homemade rocket festival looks like a blast

This annual homemade rocket festival in Thailand looks like a blast. Every year in Ubon Ratchathan, Thailand, a festival called "Bun Bang Fai" takes place. At the rocket festival you'll find music, dancing, floats, people giving speeches, and homemade rocket launches. 

The video explains that about 1,000 people attend and everyone knows each other. One of the most popular rocket teams at the festival, Niyom and Tarn, are a father daughter duo who also help to organize the event. I love the video's glimpse into their rocket building process. This festival looks like so much fun!

From youtube:

"Have you heard of the rocket festival? We traveled to Ubon Ratchathani in Northeast Thailand to explore the fascinating culture, customs and traditions of the Isan people that is at the heart of this rocket competition also known as "Bun Bang Fai". 

This is a traditional event where local communities and villagers put their creativity to the test and compete to build the best rockets. While winning is important, each year the communities and villages who take part hope to summon the rain for their agricultural endeavors. Rocket maker Niyom Butprom and his daughter Tarn, bring us into their world and tell us how making rockets brings their family together.

The sky is truly the limit for these incredible rocket makers!"