The rumors about an Ebola outbreak at Burning Man are false

No, there's not an Ebola outbreak at Burning Man, despite the (fake) news zipping around social media. Forbes explains:

Festival-goers at Burning Man in the Nevada desert are currently struggling with severe mud after storms flooded the event, forcing organizers to close the only road in and out. But those dire conditions have caused a lot of misinformation to start cropping up on social media. In fact, some people claim an Ebola outbreak has started at Burning Man. But it's simply not true.

The rumors about an Ebola outbreak started Saturday on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. X has a crowdsourced method of fact-checking misinformation on the site known as Community Notes, but none of the tweets I've seen so far on Saturday have received notes.

At least two accounts have shared a fake screenshot from the CDC about the fake Ebola outbreak at Burning Man, with one verified user claiming the CDC sent and deleted the tweet below. However, there's no evidence that the CDC tweeted out anything about Ebola at Black Rock City.

Things aren't great out in the Nevada desert for folks attending Burning Man, but at least they're not dealing with Ebola. Don't believe everything you read on social media.