25 injured as over-crowded pier collapses

A pier located on Wisconsin's Lake Mendota surprisingly collapsed after it was over-crowded. Authorities are investigating the cause, but it seems like people. Twenty-five of the reported 60-80 souls dropped into the water were injured, but luckily it sounds not seriously.

Hope they can figure out what happened!


The Wisconsin Union says the swimming area the pier was part of was not staffed by lifeguards at the time of the pier collapse.

"I turned to this one girl, and we were like, 'Oh my God. Did that really just happen?'" Freshman Gabrielle Willbrandt, who was standing on the pier during the collapse, said.

Nicole Mitchell, who was swimming nearby, said, "It was really scary. It made a really loud noise at first, and then it was basically a fight or flight response. Me and my friend, who I was swimming, treading water with, we swam as fast as he could back to the dock. Everyone was screaming, looking for their things, making sure their friends were okay."