Asus takes over Intel's NUC product line

Intel's New Unit of Computing charged the market for powerful, customizable mini PCs, but the minimalistic boxes were popular enough to compete with its own manufacturing partners. Intel announced it would cancel the NUC program a few weeks ago, but success is success: PC giant Asus decided to buy it outright.

"Starting Sep.1, #NUC becomes a proud member of the #ASUS lineup, setting off on an exhilarating journey ahead," the company posted to social media. "Delve into NUC product specifics on the official ASUS website and immerse yourself in a realm of innovations & solutions."

Muhammad Zuhair writes that 13th-gen units are on the way.

The products showcased by ASUS on their "NUC Overview" webpage feature the same NUC 13 units, also in Intel's NUC arsenal. For users interested in buying the NUC 13 Extreme, for example, they would now have to buy it from ASUS since Intel has officially discontinued the products.

Asus has already issued its first major ex cathedra pronouncement: NUC rhymes with "luck," not "nuke."