Video reportedly shows UFO fleet flying out of active volcano in Mexico

Webcam video below of Mexico's Popocatépet volcano showed a fleet of UFOs exiting the crater and zipping off into the sky. This shouldn't be a surprise as, according to Coast to Coast, Popocatépetl has long been thought to be an entrance to a secret UFO base deep within the Earth's core. This is undeniable proof of that theory unless you somehow believe the wildly outlandish proposition that what you're seeing is actually a line of SpaceX's Starlink satellites crossing the sky at an angle that makes them appear to be exiting the volcano.

"Due to the position of the #Tianguismanalco camera, it gives the visual effect that these satellites 'come out' of the #volcano, but this is not the case, since the passage of these satellites took place to the west-southwest," Prevención Mexicana stated.

image: Matteo Migliorati/Shutterstock

(Pagina Central)