U.S. states ranked by how easy they are to nibble out of graham crackers, by Nathan W. Pyle

Nathan W. Pyle of "Strange Planet" comic fame is a terrific artist, clearly. But did you know he's also a very talented nibbler? What's that, you say? Not too long ago, he created a post on social media where he showcased his talent of nibbling graham crackers into the shapes of various US states. They are a sight to behold! He posted the following ranking along with photos of some of the state shapes he created:

U.S. States Ranked By How Easy They Are To Form By Nibbling A Graham 

1. Wyoming 

2. Colorado 

3. Ohio 

4. Idaho


49. Maryland 50. Alaska

Idaho is quite impressive:

So is Minnesota:

I don't think he got through all 50 states, but it was fun while it lasted!

And if drawings of states are more your speed, he's also currently working on super cute drawings of the 50 states, which you can see here (and which are also not complete yet).

I mean, how cute are Mississippi, "Blues Player of the USA" and Alaska, "Hungry Moose of the USA"?