Watch: Murderer escapes Pennsylvania prison with quick crab-like vanishing act (video)

A convicted murderer in a Pennsylvania prison escaped over a week ago, and incredible security footage released yesterday shows just how he disappeared from the premises. (See video below, posted by Mike Sington.)

Video shows 34-year-old Danilo Souza Cavalcante, from Brazil, standing outdoors in a passageway between two walls, and then, within seconds, he's gone — after crabwalking his way up and out of sight through an overhang.

After scaling the wall and making his way off the building at Chester County Prison, he climbed over razor wire before disappearing into a residential neighborhood, where two school districts have since shut down while the search for the escapee continues, according to WESH. Cavalcante is serving a life sentence for killing his girlfriend in 2021 while her kids watched.

From WESH:

Cavalcante has been spotted six times since he escaped, most recently Tuesday night when he was seen in a residential area but soon disappeared into the woods. He had been spotted Monday night at Longwood Gardens, where trail surveillance video captured him walking through the garden's grounds.

That sighting led officials to move the search area farther south Tuesday after they determined Cavalcante had likely slipped through the original perimeter set by hundreds law enforcement officers, including heavily armed police.

Authorities have urged residents to keep their homes and vehicles locked, to check the properties of vacationing neighbors and to look out for missing cars, bicycles or other transportation Cavalcante might use.

Front page thumbnail image: Chester County Prison