Cop on leave after bystander films him using racial slur

Williamsport, Pennsylvania police officer Brandon Wheeler was filmed using the n-word during a public confrontation. Derek Slaughter, the city's first Black mayor, said it was "totally inappropriate," reports Penn Live.

Police Chief Justin Snyder called the use of the word "unfortunate" and said there will be an internal investigation into the incident. Two videos showing the interaction were posted on Facebook. "No question, it was a critically inappropriate word to use," new Lycoming County District Attorney Thomas A. Marino said. He said he recognizes it can get frustrating on the street but said police must make sure they have control of themselves at all times. "We (in law enforcement) are held to a higher standard," Marino said.

Note how it's posed as a kind of understandable mistake by the police chief. The footage is at Facebook, and embedded below. The video shows officer Wheeler angrily calling someone the n-word after he is asked for his name.