R. Crumb made a delightful yoga mat in memory of his wife Aline

Aline Kominsky-Crumb was a terrific underground comix artist who died last year of pancreatic cancer. Apparently, Aline was also a dedicated yogini and yoga teacher.

"Due to naturally high serotonin level, daily yoga, mindful eating and playing with grandkids … I remain high energy and positive!" she wrote in a 2021 comic quoted in the New York Times.

Kominsky-Crumb's husband, legendary cartoonist Robert Crumb, created this fantastic yoga mat in her memory. The drawing is an advertisement for a yoga class that Kominsky-Crumb taught in the 1980s.

The limited edition yoga mat is made from vegan leather on rubber and sells for $200 from Platform.

image: PlatformArt.com