Artist envisions Elon Musk's self-described "demon mode"

With the news of Elon Musk's third child Techno Mechanicus sweeping the Internet as a partial result of a New York Times book review of his biography, one could be forgiven for not picking up on maybe the second-most embarrassing tidbit to come out of that article: the existence of something Musk himself calls "demon mode"- basically a self-aggrandizing term for his well-documented anger issues that he claims make him more productive.

The existence of "demon mode" has been public knowledge since at least last month, but it's stayed out of the spotlight until now. Musk seems determined to be remembered as the most pathetic man ever- one can only imagine what "demon mode" looks like, but this artist's approximation by X (formerly Twitter) user Lowkey Orchi seems fairly spot-on: