The gummy revolution: a chewy answer to America's nutritional needs


DAN DRUPER stands at the head of a long wooden conference table surrounded by his creative team. Large windows look out over Manhattan. At the front of the room is a whiteboard where campaign ideas will be presented. Light streams in, illuminating cigarette smoke that swirls above coffee cups and notepads. The CEO OF KOS sits at the far end, flanked by her entourage of accountants and advisors.


"Good morning. I've come today with the vision of a new frontier in daily nutrition. An idea that is going to shake up the sleepy supplements industry and make those nostrum-pushing charlatans at the corner drug store nervous.

"I'm talking about a revolutionary new way to get your vitamins, one that makes compliance not just easy but enjoyable. Picture this – a soft, chewy gummy delicacy that kids and adults alike will look forward to each morning. No choking down chalky tablets, messy powders, or brown-bottled concoctions peddled by accordion players from North Dakota. These little beauties slip down like candy but are packed with the vital nutrients your body needs to power through each day.

"Let me introduce you to KOS Daily Gummies. A 6-pack (180 total gummies) sells for $24 at Meh. The suckers pay $66.00-$96.00 for 6 at Amazon. Are you a sucker? No, you're the CEO of KOS, so why am I telling you where to buy these?

"Anyway, back to my pitch. These are not your typical supplements. These all-natural plant-based treats are as good for you as they taste. Each precisely formulated blend addresses a specific need — energy, immunity, digestion — so you get your supplements tailored to your lifestyle, not one-size-fits-all.

"And with their individually wrapped convenience and long-lasting freshness, these gummies go wherever your busy days may take you. No more digging through bottles at the bottom of your bag — each is neatly sealed for perfectly portioned potency anytime, anywhere.

"For an energy boost that won't burn you out, our Rise 'n Shine Gummies are just the ticket. Power up with a plant-based blend of B vitamins, green coffee bean extract and adaptogens like ashwagandha and rhodiola – all wrapped in a juicy citrus chew. When it's time to focus on your gut health, reach for The Apple of My Gut. These tangy gems deliver 10% acetic acid from apple cider vinegar along with prebiotics from beets and pomegranate to encourage healthy digestion. And for immune support, nothing beats our Intense Defense gummies. Packed with zinc, vitamin C and elderberry, these raspberry bites will have your whole family's defenses in tip-top shape.

"At a fraction of the cost of lower quality brands, KOS Daily Gummies deliver noticeable results without noticeably dipping into your wallet. Madam, this is the future of supplements. Easy, effective, enjoyable nutrition right at your fingertips. This product practically sells itself.

"So what do you say we give these little gems wings and watch them take the nation by storm? I think these KOS gummies could give even Geritol a run for its money. They're the all-American fruit chew your customers never knew they needed. So who's ready to revolutionize the industry?"

Get a 6-pack of KOS Daily Gummies for $24 at Meh.