Isaacson's new Musk bio is an "insight-free doorstop"

"To go from Einstein to Musk in only five volumes is surely an indication that humanity isn't sending Isaacson its best," writes The Guardian's Gary Shteyngart in his dismissive review of Walter Isaacson's new biography of Xitter tycoon Elon Musk.

Like Musk, the book is dull. "Isaacson comes from the "his eyes lit up" school of cliched writing," says Shteyngart, "the rest of his prose workmanlike bordering on AI."

From the review:

This wasn't the first time I held Isaacson's judgment in low regard. Vaccine sceptic Joe Rogan is "knowledgeable". Musk's humour – he took the "w" out of the Twitter sign in San Francisco because "tit" is so inherently funny – has "many levels". Linda Yaccarino, Musk's almost comically bumbling CEO of X is "wickedly smart". The amount of time devoted to the points of view of Musk and his acolytes can't help but distort the narrative in his favour, especially because Musk is the ultimate unreliable narrator. "Elon didn't just exaggerate, he made it up," a former colleague tells us.