TV reporter groped during live news report, man arrested (video)

Television reporter Isa Balado was sexually assaulted while reporting on an armed robbery in Madrid. Balado confronted the man on live television. The news program's host asked Balado to put the "idiot" on camera.

From CBS News:

The man was seen smiling before Balado confronted him, saying: "As much as you want to ask what channel we are from, do you really have to touch my bottom? I'm doing a live show and I'm working."

The man denied touching her and after a brief exchange he walked away [grabbing her head as he left]. 

Today, Spain's National Police posted an announcement on Xitter that they'd arrested the man for "sexually assaulting a reporter while she was doing a television live shot." The tweet included a video of the man being led away in handcuffs.