Remembering the time Henry Rollins eviscerated Bill Maher

With the recent news of Bill Maher being an unrepentant scab, which is an act almost as morally reprehensible as putting Real Time With Bill Maher back on TV, the "common sense" "centrist" "comedian"'s entire sordid past has been posted and reposted to drive one single point home: Bill Maher was never funny, nor was he ever a particularly likeable person either. He seems, as far as I can tell, to exist for the sole purpose of letting conservatives nod along and think "wow, America really has gotten crazy!"

The best example I can think of as to why you should forget the name Bill Maher entirely after finishing this article is a 1998 panel discussion featuring Henry Rollins (the rock star, not the dubious Instagram dog), wherein Maher defends statutory rape and follows it up with the classic "women can't sexually assault men". Seeing the panelists roast him is deeply cathartic for anyone suffering Maher frustration thanks to recent events, but it's Rollins' response that may just be the most intelligent and considered of them all. He's not just a pretty face!