Since a 28-ft wave washed a shipping container of Legos into the ocean 25 years ago, bricks have been washing ashore

In 1997, 5 million legos went overboard a cargo ship after it was hit by a giant 28-foot wave. This instagram page is dedicated to the Legos that have washed up on shore since. The great piece of irony in this situation is that many of the legos that spilled into the sea were ocean-themed. 

"Ever since, collectors have gone out to look for "rare" pieces like octopuses and green dragons. Tracey Williams—a Cornwall local, beachcomber, and environmental campaigner—has documented the Lego spill for years on "Lego Lost at Sea" social media pages." Williams has even published a book titled Adrift: The Curious Tale of Lego Lost at Sea, which tells the story of the lego spill in detail.

Besides being collectors items now, these legos can tell scientists about what happens to plastic overtime in the ocean, how far it will travel, and how it decomposes over time.

Although plastic in the sea is a massive problem for our environment, the way that the Lego Lost at Sea instagram page posts photos of the items washed ashore makes it more interesting to learn about. This spread of plastic toys with a giant dinosaur in the center is my favorite.