After fondling a penis in public, Congressperson Boebert is invited to speak at a GOP youth conference

Republican youth role model Lauren Boebert 
Via Instagram

The Texas Youth Summit has proudly invited Lauren Boebert to speak to kids. The same Lauren Boebert who has spent the last week in the news for lewd acts disrupting a play. What are the chances that Boebert will serve as a cautionary tale? Will Boebert advise against dropping out of school, or marrying someone who publicly exposed themselves? Perhaps Boebert will discuss the joys of being a grandmother in her 30s.

Republicans are beyond the pale. Boebert, who screams against story hour read by people in drag, will tell Republican youths how to lose control of a vape pen.


Despite getting kicked out of Buell Theatre in Denver for disruptive behavior and then lying about it until the CCTV footage proved she lied, the Texas Youth Summit just added Congresswoman Lauren Boebert as a speaker.

Let's review, Boebert lied about vaping around a pregnant woman, got handsy with her date, groping his penis as she pulled his hand onto her breasts, took flash photos during the performance, was disruptive during the performance leading to repeated complaints, warnings, and then was escorted out by security. Also, Boebert doesn't deny flipping off theater security as the footage suggests while being escorted out.

The group, founded by failed Republican House candidate Christian Collins, announced the addition of Boebert yesterday.

The entire list is a miserable offering of role models.