Camera the size of a grain of salt not much use for surveillance, but great for inspecting urethras

Omnivision's OVM6948 entered the Guinness Book of Records as the world's smallest camera—a 0.575mm-square sensor in a housing barely larger—and is commercially available to those who might put it to use. With a 200 x 200 "40 kilopixel" resolution, 120-degree field of view, 30fps, 3-30mm focal range and backlit illumination, it might even have already been inside you!

It can be mounted on various medical instruments, including disposable guidewires, endoscopes, and catheters with diameters as small as 1.0 mm. Its impressively small size makes it perfect for use within the body's narrowest blood vessels for neuro, ophthalmic, ENT, cardiac, spinal, urology, gynecology, and arthroscopy procedures.

Slap a BNC connector on it and we're off to the races.