A Texas high school desperately wants a Black student to change his hairstyle

In violation of Texas' own CROWN Act, which bans discrimination based on hair texture or style, Barbers Hill Independent School District has been harassing a Black student over his hairstyle. Darryl George has been repeatedly suspended, and now his parents are being called in to join him in what sounds to be a discussion of how this discrimination will continue if the student does not submit.

George's family is considering legal action. Dress codes and rules regarding hairstyle or appearance are tools of discrimination.


A Black Texas high school student who was suspended because his loc hairstyle violated the district's dress code was suspended again upon his return to school Monday, an attorney for the family told CNN.

Darryl George has been suspended for more than two weeks because his loc hairstyle violates the Barbers Hill Independent School District dress and grooming code, according to his family.

She said Darryl was suspended the same week the state's CROWN Act, a law prohibiting discrimination based on one's hair texture or protective hairstyle such as locs and braids, went into effect.

His mother told CNN the family is considering legal action.