Men fight over photo op at famous tourist spot

Two gentlemen fought each other in a territorial dispute over a famous photo spot near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Pedra do Telegrafo (Telegraph Rock) looks as if it is directly over the ocean. People pose for photos by hanging from the rock, seemingly defying death.

In the video, you can see a person hanging from the rock while his friend takes a photo. Another man, in a green shirt, doesn't want to wait his turn and walks toward the man on the rock. Someone behind Green Shirt either pokes him or says something to him (it's hard to tell because the video doesn't have sound). The Green Shirt man spins around to attack the person behind him. The man who was hanging from the rock then shoves Green Shirt in the back. Green Shirt spins around again and this time he's furious. He tries to kick the Rock Hanger, but the Rock Hanger grabs his foot and the two start to tumble down the steep embankment.

At this point, other people at the scene rush to calm the brawlers before they slide down the slope.