Reboot of The Office is in the works

A reboot of The Office is reportedly on the horizon. Uh oh. At least showrunner Greg Daniels is attached to the project, according to industry insider Matt Belloni in a Puck newsletter. Previously, John Krasinski and Mindy Kaling have both said they weren't opposed to bringing Jim and Kelly back if stars aligned.

From Screenrant:

The news about the reboot came in the context of mentioning all the projects and deals that are going to be announced once the writers' strike officially ends. There's no word yet on casting[…]

For his part, Daniels has been both optimistic and pessimistic about the prospect of reviving the series.

At times, Daniels has struck a hopeful tone, even elaborating on how he might approach a reboot, explaining that it would be set in the same overall universe but not necessarily feature the same characters.