Matt Gaetz says he used to date Cassidy Hutchinson. Her response: "I have much higher standards in men"

Matt Gaetz told Rachel Matthew he used to date Cassidy Hutchinson, but the former White House aide certainly doesn't see it that way. In fact, Hutchinson flat out denied it, telling the MSNBC host, "I never dated Matt Gaetz. I have much higher standards in men." (See video below, posted by Acyn.)

"We did have an amicable working relationship, and we were good friends at points," she admitted. But "Matt Gaetz is somebody that I personally do not hold in high regard in terms of trust, and I do not think Matt Gaetz has the best track record for relationships." She didn't give any examples of what she meant by his sketchy "track record," but given Gaetz' past sex trafficking with a teenage minor accusations, which were investigated in 2021, none were needed.

In her latest book Enough, Hutchinson —who gave damning testimony to the House committee investigating the J6 insurrection — recalls how the Florida Congress creep came on to her while they were colleagues, at one point brushing his thumb across her chin with the cornball pick-up line, "Has anyone ever told you you're a national treasure?" And later, how he asked her to walk him back to his cabin at Camp David, pretending to be lost, to which Kevin McCarthy intervened, saying, "Get a life, Matt."

Front page thumbnail image: Cassidy Hutchinson / MSNBC