Far Cry 7 will feature a real-time time limit

After the somewhat disappointing debut of Far Cry 6 (How do you fumble Giancarlo Esposito?!), Ubisoft is apparently hitting the reset button for the series' next entry. Details on the upcoming Far Cry 7 have been leaked by a reliable insider, giving something of a sneak peek into both the story and mechanics of the anticipated title.

Right from the jump, it seems similar to Far Cry 3, perhaps proving that Ubisoft can't quite break away from the shadow of the series' most successful entry: you play as a member of a wealthy family that's kidnapped by a conspiracy group dubbed the 'Sons of Truth' in a setup that seems tailor made for a FC3-style zero to hero story. The twist here is that the game is apparently nonlinear, and you can rescue your family members in any order (or even kill them if you feel like being an ally). Far Cry 5 did something similar with its looser mission structure, which hurt the overarching story and removed any real stakes or development from the narrative- but interestingly, that's not the only nonstandard gameplay mechanic FC7 is going to introduce.

Evidently, the game will have a real-time time limit in the vein of Dead Rising, with something game-ending and presumably bad happening after 24 real hours of playtime. It's a mixed bag, but we can't make any real judgements until the game is officially announced.