Jack-in-the-Box worker shoots at customer through drive-through window after curly fry argument (video)

A customer of Jack-in-the-Box, Anthony Ramos, was upset that he did not receive the curly fries meant to come with his meal combo and complained through the drive-thru window. This led to an argument with employee Alonniea Fantasia Ford who then pelted the man with ice and condiment packets. As Ramos, his wife, and 6-year-old daughter attempted to escape the barrage by driving off, Ford retrieved a handgun and fired at the vehicle. This happened last year. In Houston, Texas. Ramos filed a lawsuit against the restaurant chain and Ford which led to the release of the below video evidence this week.

In a statement, Ramos's attorney Randall Kallinen said, "Jack-in-the-Box needs to do a background check on employees so as not to expose their customers to someone who would attempt to kill them." Seems reasonable. Ford was first charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon but agreed to plead guilty to the less serious crime of deadly conduct. She completed a sentence of one year deferred adjudication, a kind of probation.

(ABC 7, thanks, UPSO!)