Federal judge strikes down Texas's ban on drag shows

Texas banned drag shows, but a Federal judge struck down the law Wednesday because drag shows are protected expression under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. In a 56-page ruling, duuuuuuh.

The bill's statement of intent leads with and repeatedly cites drag shows as a threat to children. … U.S. District Judge David Hittner, who was nominated by Republican President Ronald Reagan, ruled in favor of the plaintiffs, writing that the law "impermissibly infringes on the First Amendment and chills free speech.""Not all people will like or condone certain performances," Hittner wrote. "This is no different than a person's opinion on certain comedy or genres of music, but that alone does not strip First Amendment protection."

A notable element of this drag ban was the relative lack of euphemizing or stealthing. They were honest and direct about it being a straight-up ban on people wearing drag in public. Texas Governor Greg Abbott wrote, "Texas Governor Signs Law Banning Drag Performances in Public. That's right."