Chevy Chase took his Comedy Central roasting very personally: "They clearly didn't like me"

On this week's WTF, Marc Maron's podcast, Chevy Chase is the guest. He's made some headlines for saying on the podcast that he didn't think his TV show "Community" was funny, getting a dig in at show creator Dan Harmon and the cast.

But when Maron mentioned that one of his only interactions with him was when he participated in a 2002 Comedy Central roast of Chase, Chase said:

Oh, wasn't that awful? Well, I felt awful. I told Paul Shaffer [the host of the event] everyone was out to, you know… You're supposed to be a little loving. They just roasted me bad. They clearly didn't like me.

I didn't know what to do. I sat there and I thought, "Jesus Christ, they don't like me."

Below is the video of the roast. Even Shaffer got in some pretty brutal shots:

I don't know what happened to Chevy's career. What happened to Chevy's career? I can answer that question in three… grams. No, some say his career went into the sh*thouse because he he burned a lot of bridges.. he had a problem with prescription drugs. I think it was the acting.

I actually think Marc Maron was one of the roasters who was roughest on Chase.

This actually isn't a roast, Chevy. It's an intervention. We are all here: We want you to stop! Making movies, television, anything. Please stop! You're out of control, you're in denial, no one wants you to work anymore but you. It's selfish. You're hurting yourself, the people around you, and you're disappointing people who rent videos everywhere.

Maron said on the podcast that he thinks the night of the roast was one of the worst nights of both of their lives. Maron said that after his bit, he went to his hotel room and cried. He said, "I bombed so badly that I went to my hotel room and I said, 'I've got to quit.'"