"Medical Science Inktober" highlights terrific, creepy drawings of "unsavory science" topics including polycephaly, bloodletting, and more

Anastasia Guzinskaya describes herself on her Facebook page as a "bone collector, ink/digital artist." The artist, who is based in Vladivostok, Russia creates fascinating, dark, horror-themed work. She calls her latest project, for the month of October, 2023, "Medical Science Inktober." During October, 2023, Guzinskaya will create drawings based on "unsavory science" topics, including: polycephaly, transplantation, lobotomy, parabiosis, grave-digging, bloodletting, grafting, enucleation, and more. 

She recently posted her first entry, for "polycephaly"—a drawing of a two-headed lamb—along with historical photos and descriptions of other cases of polycephaly. It's terrific, and I can't wait to see the rest of her Medical Science Inktober entries!

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