Get ready for Matt Lesniewski's stunning new comic, "Faceless & The Family"

Comic book fans will be thrilled to hear that Eisner Award-nominated cartoonist Matt Lesniewski has a new series on the way. Lesniewski is set to release his latest, Faceless & The Family #1, in November 2023, courtesy of Oni Press. The publisher is promising it to be a landmark title in comic book storytelling, blending intricate artistry with an epic saga of friendship, redemption, and adventure.

Matt Lesniewski first garnered critical acclaim with his debut graphic novel, The Freak, which earned him a 2020 Eisner Award nomination. Since then, he's collaborated with New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt on projects like Crimson Flower and Mind MGMT: Bootleg.

The story of Faceless & The Family is set on the Hand Planet, a broken and warped world where the enigmatic protagonist, known only as "Faceless," resides. Exiled and stripped of his identity for past transgressions, Faceless ekes out a solitary existence in the unforgiving wastelands. That is until fate intervenes and delivers him a motley crew of fellow travelers who become his newfound family. Their shared mission: a perilous journey into the class-segregated Finger Cities of the Hand Planet to uncover what lies beneath Faceless's helmet, and with it, his hope in humanity.

What sets Faceless & The Family apart is Lesniewski's unparalleled artistic vision. Each issue of Faceless will boast Lesniewski's jaw-dropping, hyper-detailed, hyper-rendered line art. The painstaking detail and texture work that Lesniewski pours into every panel are breathtaking.

Lesniewski tells Boing Boing: "A lot of what fuels my art is the idea of 'leaving no stone left unturned.' I'm constantly left with the feeling that I could have done more or done better with everything that I've drawn, forcing it to have evolved the way that it has. This is on full display in Faceless & the Family. I haven't put this kind of detail, time, and texture work into each panel of a comic before this one."

Indeed, Lesniewski's dedication to his craft is evident in the sheer complexity and richness woven into every page. He goes on to explain, "If anything, I hope it adds to the world of the Hand Planet, and the reading experience is that much richer because of it."

Prepare to embark on an epic journey when this double-sized, 48-page debut hits the shelves in November. Matt Lesniewski's Faceless & The Family #1 promises to be an immersive and unforgettable reading experience for all fans of comics, art, and the unbridled imagination.