How did these cow carcasses get on top of this home?

Wisconsin photographer Stephanie Hull was shooting at an abandoned farmstead in rural southwestern Utah when she noticed something quite odd. The property was peppered with cattle carcasses including, inexplicably, on the roof of the farmhouse.

"From their analysis of the photos, the cattle would have had to be deceased when placed on the roof of the building, otherwise they would have jumped off," UDA spokesperson Bailee Woolstenhulme told "We do not know how or why they would have been placed up there, but since no cattle have been reported missing or stolen, we don`t presume there was illegal activity. If any ranchers have discovered they have missing cattle and believe these could be theirs, we encourage them to contact the local brand inspector as well as local law enforcement."

I'm not sure what the hubbub is all about. Clearly a UFO dropped the carcasses from the sky after a particularly wild night of cattle mutilation.