Leica's Sofort 2 is a fancier instant hybrid camera

Leica's Sofort hybrid instant camera—it also saves digital copies—is getting an upgrade. The Sofort 2 has a 1/5" CMOS sensor, a 28mm-equivalent 2.4mm F2 lens, runs off Instax prints, has "clean and minimalistic design," and hooks up to the Leica FOTOS app for saving or sharing its 4.9 megapixel shots.

Leica's product designers created a modern contemporary device that convinces both externally and internally. Easy to operate and beautiful to look at. A compact instant camera with a digital heart at its core. Supporting your creativity with various Lens and Film Effects to choose from and an LCD display that helps you to select only your best shots before you print them. It is seamlessly integrated with the Leica FOTOS App enabling you to print all your images from the Leica Gallery on your mobile device, transfer pictures from the camera to your smartphone and share your digital images from the SOFORT 2 on social media.

It's more than a Fuji Instax Mini with a red dot on it—the Instax lacks the nicer lens (and various effects), USB Type C and the Leica's ability to print from other cameras. Whether it's $200 more is for you to decide.