The Drew Barrymore Show's three head writers leave the show

Drew Barrymore planned to return to daytime talk show her show while the WGA writers strike was still going on. She later reversed that decision, but now that the strike is over, may still be suffering from its fallout. Link to the article here.

The Drew Barrymore Show is returning to screens but it will be down a few writers.

The daytime talk show revealed this morning that it would return on October 16. This comes after Barrymore originally planned to return on September 18 when the writers were still striking and then reversed her decision after much picketing and outcry from WGA members.

However, the show will now be without three WGA members of its own – Chelsea White, Cristina Kinon and Liz Koe – who have decided not to return to the show, Deadline has confirmed. The trio are co-head writers.

All three writers were active on the picket lines.

Barrymore was one of two high profile hosts who announced plans to return to their television shows without writers while the strike was ongoing, the other being Bill Maher. Maher also reversed his decision.