Kanye West files trademark for "YEWS"

Kanye West has filed a trademark application for the term "YEWS," and I am sad to report that it's not because he's gained an interest in the enormous trees that powered the late-medieval military supremacy of the English longbow.

The rapper, 46, is thought to be behind a filings submitted on October 2 linked to a company called Ox Paha Inc. The LLC is listed at the music producer's office address, located on LA's Melrose Avenue. The 26 filings, which DailyMail.com has confirmed are real, do not specify exactly what West plans to do.

Journalistic speculation abounds. But look, it's this: he's doing some weird, mythologized "Yeezy Jews" thing to sublimate the antisemitic fabulations he can't exorcise from his brain. This is in keeping with his prior utterances, and it resurfacing now implies that it was not a brief or temporary fugue: this is just where Ye is now. And why not? Adidas is making millions from the Final Shoelution, so he knows he's still good for it.