Sean Hannity says it's no big deal for kids to be hit with a belt (video)

To prove what a "snowflake" The View co-host Sunny Hostin is for remembering a time when MAGA's Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan used to scream and "terrorize" her, Sean Hannity said his father used to beat him with a belt, and it was no biggie.

"The snowflakes actually got offended that someone actually raised their voice slightly. Ohhh, the shame of it!" Sean Hannity said in mock horror on Fox News. "By the way, when my father would hit me with a belt, I didn't actually raise my voice."

"How did this country — you know, we used to be the land of the free, home of the brave. What happened?" he continued. "When did we become the land of the snowflake?" (See video below, posted by Aaron Rupar.)

And this isn't the first time Hannity has defended the abuse he endured as a child, in 2014 going so far as to say he deserved it —and thus tacitly approving corporal punishment for children. (See bottom video below, posted by DailyNational.)

From Mediaite:

In 2014, Hannity whipped a desk with his belt on live television in a demonstration of support for corporal punishment.

"I got hit with a strap, bam, bam, bam — and I've never been to a shrink — by my father. I would tell you that I deserved it," he said after football player Adrian Peterson was indicted for beating his four-year-old son with a stick. "My father punched me in the face when I talked back to him once, and I deserved it."

Hannity then pulled off his belt and started whipping the desk in front of his guests as he said, "I got it like this! And I deserved it. I was a troubled kid."