San Francisco Bay Area restaurants charge patrons who barf at brunch

Whether it's a hangover or too many mimosas, or both, patrons of San Francisco barf at brunch with such frequency that some establishments are now charging a cleaning fee if you vomit anywhere on the premises that isn't the toilet.

"It was really tough cleaning," Kitchen Story co-owner Chaiporn Kitsadaviseksak says. "People were scared with COVID. And this was happening a lot. My workers don't want to do that. It got better. Now [customers] know they have to pay. They understand," he said.

From SFGate:

At Kitchen Story, the cheery Asian-inspired restaurant in Oakland's Rockridge district known for its millionaire's bacon, the bathroom sports a pointed sign: "Dear all mimosa lovers, Please drink responsibly and know your limits. A $50 cleaning fees will automatically include in your tap when you throw up in our public areas. Thank you so much for understanding." The text is signed off with a smiling emoji[…]

Home Plate on Lombard Street caters to the brunch-obsessed Marina crowd with cheesy bacon tots and chunky corned beef hash. It offers a liter carafe of raspberry, peach or other flavored bubbly — roughly four to five pours, depending on the size of the flute — that is poured by a server as part of the service. Owner Teerut Boon and his staff have witnessed their share of ralphers over the years. In late 2021, when vomiting seemed to become an issue, Boon instituted "pretty much the same policy" as Kitchen Story, he said. Signs posted around the restaurant and on the menu asked diners to "Please Drink Responsibly. $50 cleaning fee per person for any incident incur as a result of intoxication." 

After customers complained, the signs came down in July, but the policy remains — at the bottom of the drink menu.