"What a waste of a beautiful piece of meat" — restaurant ruins tomahawk steak and charges $1000 for it

How do you prepare a tomahawk steak and make it worth $1000? Not by doing it the way this chef in an unnamed Los Angeles restaurant does it.

The process starts promisingly with a high-quality tomahawk steak, known for its flavor and tenderness. The steak is butterflied and stuffed with what one commenter described as "$7 worth of bell peppers and onions," mocking the idea that these additions could elevate the dish to a $1000 masterpiece.

Next, the chef wraps the tomahawk steak in a long strip of Oaxaca cheese – a move so visually unappealing, it had one onlooker likening it to "wrapping a tapeworm around the thing." The bloated contents are secured with skewers, and subjected to a double coating of flour, egg wash, and panko breadcrumbs before being deep-fried. This technique was a critical misstep, resulting in meat so undercooked that it appeared blue, a clear sign of an improperly cooked tomahawk. One commenter noted, "I'm convinced this guy does not know how to actually cook"

The dish's final presentation as tacos only added insult to injury. The use of dry, off-the-shelf tortillas was an insult to the very concept of tacos, eliciting comments like "You could start a fire if you rubbed two of those tortillas together hard enough." Another viewer, their words dripping with disdain, noted, "The cold flour tortilla is the ultimate kick in the balls."

The sentiment among viewers was clear: disappointment and frustration for the beautiful piece of meat that had been so senselessly butchered. One commenter lamented, "What a waste of a beautiful piece of meat. Assholes." The gimmicky breading and deep-frying, alongside the sloppy presentation, transformed the steak into a raw, soggy bag of glop that wanted to slide off the tortilla.

In the end, as one observer declared, "The whole thing is a travesty."

Want to learn how to really grill a steak? Here's Boing Boing's recipe, perfected by Cory Doctorow. I've eaten Cory's steaks countless times, and no steaks come close to his for flavor and juiciness.

And if you want a simple way to cook a tomahawk steak, here's a popular method to achieve the best results:

Simplest Way to Cook the Perfect Tomahawk Steak

  1. Room Temperature: First, bring the steak to room temperature. This can take a few hours depending on the size of the steak. This step is crucial for even cooking.
  2. Seasoning: Season generously with salt and pepper. Some people like to add a bit of garlic powder or other spices, but simplicity often works best with high-quality meat like this.
  3. Preheat Your Grill/Oven: You'll need a two-zone heat source. When using a grill, adjust one side to low heat and the other side to high heat. If you're using an oven, preheat it to around 225°F (107°C) and have a skillet ready for searing.
  4. Slow Cooking: Start by cooking the steak on the low-heat side of your grill or in the oven. This slow-cooking process is akin to reverse searing. You're aiming for an internal temperature of about 115-120°F (46-49°C) for medium-rare. Use a meat thermometer to check.
  5. Searing: Once the steak reaches the desired internal temperature, sear it over high heat. If you're using a grill, move it to the hot side. If you're using an oven, heat a skillet (cast iron works best) until it's smoking hot and sear the steak for about 1-2 minutes per side. This creates a delicious crust.
  6. Resting: Let the steak rest for about 10 minutes before slicing. This allows the juices to redistribute throughout the meat, ensuring it's juicy and flavorful.
  7. Slicing and Serving: Slice against the grain for tenderness. Serve as is or with a dab of butter or a sauce of your choice.

Remember, cooking times can vary based on the size of the steak and the exact temperatures used. Always use a meat thermometer for the best results.