Fake MAGA elector accused of brutal assault on process server

Bill Bachenberg is the chairman of the Pennsylvania fake electors who tried to overthrow the U.S. Presidential Election. He also hired a cybersecurity firm in the hope that they could unearth evidence of election fraud.

Apparently, Bachenberg didn't pay the cybersecurity firm because now it is suing him. To make matters worse, the process server claims Bachenberg beat and injured him when he tried to deliver the lawsuit documents.

The server filed a police report, saying:

In the process of effectuating service, Bill Bachehburg attempted to take my phone out of my right hand and punched me on the inside of my elbow. He then attempted to yank my phone out of my hand again and struck me in the right shoulder collarbone. He then pushed me and I twisted my left hip which is healing from a third replacement. Bill Bachenberg proceeded to scream to "Call the police," "don't let him out, "he's trespassing!" The Pennsylvania Police report number is: PA 2023-1294441; there was a citation issued to Bill Bachenberg. The EMS report is enclosed. I went to St. Luke's Hospital Anderson Campus for treatment.

I hope the process server who serves Bachenberg with a lawsuit for assaulting the first process server stays safe!

[Via Raw Story]