Robot wolves guard Japanese towns from boars, bears

Menacing, red-eyed robot wolves are being used to deter bears from encroaching upon towns in rural Japan, reports Andrew Paul for Popsci.

Stories about solar-powered robotic wolves first surfaced back in 2017 after Japanese researchers began testing prototypes to combat wild boars' devastating encroachment into farmlands. Since then, a company called Wolf Kamuy expanded sales of its sentry products featuring menacing fangs, fur, flashing red LED "eyes," and a head capable of shaking side-to-side while emitting a 90 decibel howl. But boars aren't the only problem plaguing rural Japanese communities. According to recent reports, Wolf Kamuy is now offering many of its faux-wolves as bear deterrence.

The manufacturer's website is a thing of HTML beauty, sure to scare off any modern stylesheets that wander too close.

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